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Feature Release: Pandemic Proof Passport to enable overseas travel during a pandemic

April 15, 2020


April 21, 2020- RebuildTheChain, a pandemic management system that has been developed by Accubits Technologies has released a Pandemic Proof Passport feature that will enable countries to reopen their borders without having to worry about any risk of infection.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been spreading faster than wildfire. In order to slow down the spread of the virus, governments all over the world have temporarily closed their borders. How long can we impose such a restriction, though? Eventually, countries will have to make moves towards getting their economies up and running again. Restarting the trade and tourism industry would play a huge role in this.

However, if a country was to reopen its borders, a COVID-19 positive case from another country could bring in another wave of infection throughout the country. So how can governments facilitate immigration without threatening the wellbeing of its citizens?

The pandemic management system, RebuildTheChain has a ‘Pandemic-proof passport’ feature that can be used by the government to ensure that none of the people coming into the country are affected by COVID-19. The feature would involve a health card that is issued to them by their local health departments. This card would indicate the level of health risk of a particular citizen. People would only be able to travel abroad if they had a ‘No Risk’ health card. Public places like banks, shopping malls, workplaces, etc, can bar entry to the people who don’t have a ‘no risk’ health card.

The main steps that are followed while issuing a health card are as follows:

  • Exposure analysis- RebuildTheChain performs an exposure analysis of a user based on their recent activities such as places visited, people contacted, etc

  • Health Diagnosis- Based on the exposure analysis and health diagnosis conducted by local health departments, the health status of the user is defined

  • Health Card Generation- A user’s health-card will be a QR code. They can take print outs of the QR code and keep it with the passport, or show the QR code in the mobile application upon request by authorities.

  • Health Status Validation- The user can show a Health Card to authorities who want to check the health status. Upon scanning the QR code, health status and an identification photo of the user will be made
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