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Pandemic Proof Passport.

Pandemic-Proof Passport enables governments to keep the borders, airports, ports open; even during a pandemic.

Even if a country successfully suppresses the spread of COVID-19 by enforcing lockdown, they have to wait until other countries to do the same, to completely open borders. Otherwise, one COVID19 affected person arriving from a different country could evoke the second wave of disease spread throughout the country. And this is a problem. We can’t stay in lockdown forever. So how can we solve this?

PANDEMIC-PROOF PASSPORT feature of RebuildTheChain enables countries to be confident that none of the people coming into the country is affected by COVID19. Here, citizens from different countries will have a health card that indicates the health risk level assigned to them via their local health departments. People with ‘NO RISK’ health cards could only be allowed to travel overseas. Moreover, at places like banks, shopping malls, workplaces, etc, the entry can be allowed only to people with ‘no risk’ health cards.

QR based health ID
Easy verification
Highly secure
Live status update
Decentralized data storage
Permissioned data access

The Process

Pandemic-proof Passport makes it seamless for the authorities to validate the health status of a traveler. The following are the key processes involved.

Exposure Analysis
RebuildTheChain does the exposure analysis of a user based on their recent activities such as places visited, people contacted etc
Health Diagnosis
Based on the exposure analysis and health diagnosis conducted by local health departments, the health status of the user is defined
Health Card Generation
A user’s health-card will be a QR code. They can take print outs of the QR code and keep with the passport, or show the QR code in the mobile application upon requested by authorities.
Health Status Validation
The user can show Health Card to authorities who want to check the health status. Upon scanning the QR code, health status and an identification photo of the user will be made accessible

Use Cases

Pandemic-Proof Passport offers several benefits for the user, governments, merchants, etc. It can facilitate a partially locked down economy rather than a completely locked one.

Merchants, Utilities

To open up airports and borders, countries should be confident that none of the people coming into the country is affected by COVID19. With the pandemic-proof passport, it is easy to check the health status of a traveler and thereby grand access to those who are safe.

At places like banks, shopping malls, workplaces, public utilities, private organizations, etc, the entry can be allowed only to people with ‘NO RISK’ health cards.

Data Privacy

The platform is built with cutting-edge security measures to ensure the user data and privacy are highly protected.

GDPR compliant
The platform is fully compliant with GDPR to protect the personal data and privacy of the users.
Data Encryption
All data collected in the platform is encrypted and stored. Only the user with access to a decryption key can read it.
On-premise deployment
As an additional layer of security, the platform is deployed on-premises of the owner and protected by its internal firewall.
Blockchain protected health records
The privacy and integrity of user data is also protected from unauthorized internal access by saving the health records in a blockchain network.



Airport authorities, Merchants, Security officials, etc can scan the QR code shown by a person to identify the COVID-19 health status of them. Upon scanning, details such as identification photo and the name of the user and the COVID-19 health status of the user will be displayed to the officials. The platform is implemented such that all data are securely stored and abides by the data and privacy laws of the region. All data pertaining to location, and routing are stored on secure and encrypted servers in each country, complying with the official data protection laws. The actual data remains with the user while only a hashed form of it is stored on the network.

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