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Pandemic Proof Workforce

Ensure workforce readiness and business continuity with RebuildTheChain.

A pandemic can cause a lot of pain for businesses and enterprises. When the workplace is shut down and employees are sent home, running the business with work from home policies will cost a lot for business owners. What if your employees get infected with the pandemic disease? What if their productivity slumps due to prolonged work from home days?

RebuildTheChain’s Pandemic Proof Workforce feature enables businesses and enterprises to ensure business continuity and workforce readiness by keeping a tab on employees’ remote work effectiveness. It enables you to identify the risk level of each of your employees getting infected with the pandemic disease and provides you insights for employee risk mitigation.

Employee Infection Risk Analysis
Employee Mental Stress Assessment
Ops Vulnerability Assessment
Business Continuity Risk Assessment
Employee Risk Mitigation
Daily Health diagnosis

Keep a tab on Employee Wellness

The wellness of an employee is the responsibility of the employer, especially in times of prolonged work from home. Both physical, as well as the mental wellness of an employee, has a direct impact on work productivity. Pandemic Proof Workforce helps enterprises, organizations, businesses to check the mental and physical wellness of their employees and perform employee risk analysis.

Keep your employees safe from pandemic

When your business initiate work from home policies, it is essential to know that your employees are in fact working from home and staying away from pandemic hot zones. RebuildTheChain's Pandemic-Proof Workforce alerts you as well as your employee when they are away from their home or if they are near to a pandemic hot zone. The alerts would help employees to stay away from pandemic hot zones and stay safe from the pandemic.

Track Physical and Mental Wellness

Pandemic Proof Workforce enables you to check the physical as well as mental wellness of your employees through its mobile application. The applications engage with your employees on a daily basis to provide them useful information, checks the physical health conditions and mental health conditions with the help of an interactive questionnaire. The system provides a detailed analytics report to the management via the management dashboard.

Know the risks before it hits you

What if an employee working in a key project gets infected with the disease? Pandemic Proof Workforce calculates all of your employees’ risk scores for getting infected and provides you insights on who has more probability of getting infected. This type of insight can help the management team to anticipate the risks and take necessary actions to find a replacement for the project or for effective risk management.

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Safety tips and recommendations
Physical health & Wellness Check
Mental health & Wellness Check
Interactive health checks
Remainders and alerts
Daily Check-in
Employee Risk Analysis
Risk Mitigation Insights
Employee Wellness Reports
Ops Risk analysis
Business Continuity Risk Assessment
Critical Risk Assessment

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